Visit of Masai Ujiri

Rafiki is my home. It goes back many years coming here. We must continue to DREAM BIG even in hard times. Blessings from Giants of Africa. We think of you always.

Masai Ujiri, Co-Founder of Giants of Africa and President of the Toronto Raptors

Visit of Sherrie Silver

“I had an amazing time at Club Rafiki. The talent here is very special and unique.

Lots of love”

Sherrie Silver

Silver Beat World

Dance choreographer

Film actress


Visit of Deputy from parliament and other staff in Club Rafiki


“We officially visiting Club Rafiki to see how infrastructures have benefited people, On behalf of my colleagues, we appreciate the  mentorship of the youth, Club Rafiki is doing. Keep it up how I wish could extend your very good services to other districts. Thank You”

Tengera T. Francesca

Visit of Rosie Wheen, from WaterAid Australia

“Dearest Club Rafiki,

Today my dream has come true, I have visited Club Rafiki. what privilege to see all the amazing things you do to improve the lives  of young people in Kigali.

To see and hear  the music and dance with my own eyes was so special . Mum and dad (Mandy & David) have told us so many stories that have inspired us !!

Please keep up all the amazing things you are doing and congratulations to all. Love”

Rosie Wheen

Chief executive of Water Aid Australia


Visit of Prof Shirley Randell from Indigo Foundation

“Dear Club Rafiki,

This is the third time  I have visited you wonderful center. I am so proud to see the excellent progress you are making in all areas. I have looked at the reading looks with stories and pictures which the English corner students have made. Also, I am impressed  by sexual reproductive Healthy initiatives, Our Girls Program, the dance program, the modelling program and so much (all) more!! Well Done!!!”

Prof. Shirley Randell 

Staff from Indigo Foundation


Prince’s Trust International from England Visit

Isona Shibata and Andre Harriman, Prince’s Trust Internation’s staff meet the youth in Club Rafiki.


“Dear Club Rafiki,
What a wonderful center you have, Thank you all so much for welcoming us and telling about all the great work you do with young people”

Isona Shibata


“Dear Club Rafiki,
I’m so impressed with the exceptional sociality you have here!
It’s great to see the range and services being provided to young people and the quality and resources available. thank you for taking the time to share it all with us”

Andre Harriman


Indigo Foundation’s Staffs Visit


“Dear Club Rafiki,

What pleasure it is to be here! this is my first time in Rwanda but I have here many things. Your work is such an asset to this community. I hope Melissa and I will be to continue to support you and your work. Thank you so much”



The youth was happy and enjoy the gift from Indigo Foundation,


Indigo Foundation’s staff in discussion with our Girls

“A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth,”

Dr. Alice 

Dr Alice

US Embassy Visit

Besides the U.S. Embassy delegation, on the same occasion Club Rafiki received also Mayor of Nyarugenge District accompanied by The Executive Secretary of Rwezamenyo sector, National Youth Council Representatives at the district level, youth initiatives, parents and others local community leaders.


During this event, the guests had an opportunity to tour the center and learned more about different activities that happened here at the center. They also had a dialogue with beneficiaries of Club Rafiki and community leaders, they were so impressed, and it was an occasion to dialogue on a partnership between Club Rafiki and U.S. Embassy Kigali.

US Embassy

Thank you for your warm welcome! Keep pursuing your dreams and goals.
We remain your friends and partners”

Marissa Rollens, PAO in U.S.Embassy Kigali

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