Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights education

Awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy prevention and testing and fight against drugs abuse amongst the youth/teens.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) mobile
Nyamirambo and Kigali Sectors
Nyarugenge district


From 24 to 26 of September 2019, Club Rafiki in partnership with Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Health organized the Voluntary Counseling and Testing – VCT mobile in Nyamirambo and Kigali Sectors particularly in Rugarama Cell at Miduha local market and Nyabugogo cell at Giti cy’inyoni, and the objectives of these activities. Which were to
educate youth to their communities about the fight and prevention of HIV and AIDS and to educate the community about Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights-SRHR and the danger of unwanted pregnancy among the youth. Read more……….

InsignificantThisAmericanpainthorse-size_restricted   VCT Report

Life is precious and it is the most valuable things we have, a healthy life brings hope and development and a bright future for the person who values it. Unhealthy life is a big loss it affects families, the country even the whole world. This is the reason why at national and local authority join hands with its partners including Local and international NGOs are pursuing the agenda to value and protect its citizens through different program by educating them about Sexual Reproductive Health-SRH, how to prevent themselves against Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), unplanned pregnancy amongst teenagers and the danger of drug abuse and bad influence amongst our youth.

HIV Testing

VCT Posters

For reducing this HIV prevalence we’ve to reflect on this point:

  • Adding the informative dialogues to the youth because many of youth are out of information on SRH,
  • Solidifying in SRH the youth initiative like clubs and saving groups others,
  • totaling the educational show to the local communities
  • producing modern communication materials like films and IT apps,

Club Rafiki (CR) we are sensitizing children and youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS. and anti teen pregnancy.


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