Youth empowerment

This activity is the means by which the organization reaches the largest number of children and youth.  Club Rafiki(CR) uses these activities to sensitize young people to various issues such as HIV/AIDS, the culture of patriotism, unity, and reconciliation, etc. They are also tools to help the organization to arrange friendly gatherings and sharing amongst young people. Entertainment activities:

  1. Urban Dance School
  2. Urban Fashion School
  3. Music Class
  4. Film Projection, etc



Dedication and commitment was a steps to take in order to accomplish her goal, soon she was registered as a vocational student in the field of sewing where she learnt how to sew, before long she became involved deeply in Club activities in a quest to make her dream realizable, either at school whenever they had function or either in public events, her skills in fashion design was requested, even though the task was not easy for her but she continued on her path of becoming one of good designer.

Club Rafiki is a place where I felt belonging and inspired, people I meet at the club taught me a lot of skills and the mentoring received from different people from abroad who visited the center in the past two years had a positive impact in my life, those people become mentors and guardians to us by helping us with necessary information and support so that we may achieve our dreams.

As a final point I still believe that nothing can stand on your way if you are committed and dedicated to your ambition and as mentioned above, my contribution in fashion and design at Club Rafiki is always welcomed with warm heart from peers and Staff and that encourage me a lot to add more value on my work and make my dream of becoming a fashion designer come true.

Rapid report of music class

We have Urban dance school which brings many youths in Club Rafiki (CR) to see their dance performance and gets Peer education, conversation against HIV/AIDS and Anti-teenage pregnancy.

Urban fashion school


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