Vision and Mission

CLUB RAFIKI has a dream: a dream of contributing to the development of young people so that they grow in body and mind and are able to play a significant role in development.

CLUB RAFIKI’s Mission: To train, to inform, to frame and to equip children and youth,

The objectives of CLUB RAFIKI are:

  • To bring together children and youth organizations and movements across the nation to foster cooperation, dialogue, networking, and collaboration to develop and empower young people
  • To build the capacity of young people
  • To act as an umbrella organization for child and youth organizations in Rwanda
  • To advocate, lobby and facilitate mainstreaming of child and youth issues in the national agenda.
  • To organize capacity building programs, training and workshops to strengthen the network and its member organizations.
  • To serve as a consulting and advisory body to the government agencies and relevant stakeholders regarding issues affecting children and youth in Rwanda.
  • To organize various events for young people which have national and international significance.
  • To represent Rwandan youth in international policy/ decision-making bodies, associations, conferences, and various fora.
  • To build networks and alliances with international child and youth organizations and networks to foster the development of children and youth.

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