Cultural activities include:

  • A library with rooms for reading and studying
  • Publishing a weekly children’s and youth newspaper  “RAFIKI BOOKS AND JOURNAL
  • Sensitizing children and youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Sensitizing children and youth in the fight against genocide ideology
  • Educating  children and youth on the culture of patriotism
  • Games  including scrabble, chess, monopoly, Rwandan culture (traditional and modern dance, drama, Rwandan history)
  • Promoting cooperation between the children and youth of Rwanda and those of foreign countries
  • Bringing together children and youth using various techniques like training, sports, entertainment and public debates aimed at giving them a constructive education

Reading session

The aim of this program is to help young children to learn and start grown in them the culture of reading.

Children join Club Rafiki library to read and borrow books, then after we choose some candidates among them who can share with peers the readed stories.

Art Session

Kim Sea, KOICA Volunteer introduced arts workshop to the young children for exploring their dreams, as you know Art is very important because trough this children learn more deeply about a concept and enjoy study different things by drawing them. In art session, participants learned how to be creative, have self-expression and focus.

Washing Hands

Hands washing is very important because this help us to prevent diseases caused by dirty. Therefore after every English reading story telling sessions. Sungmin Hwang KOICA nurse volunteer at Club Rafiki educated them techniques of hands washing in order to be healthy.

Rwandan Culture

Rwanda Traditional Dishes

Rwanda Traditional Dishes

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