Club Rafiki (CR)  assists children, youth and some adults in Kigali by integrating them into society, helping them to discover and maintain their talents through the organization of regular competitions.These will benefit young people in Kigali who are below 18 years of age  and from time to time those resident in other areas of Rwanda. Activities are grouped in three categories including:

Training: CR provides basic vocational training  to help youth enter or advance in the job market.  Priority is given to training in literacy, languages  (English, French and Kiswahili), ICT, sports  and, entrepreneurship.

Culture: Cultural activities include:

  • A library with rooms for reading and studying
  • Publishing a weekly children’s and youth newspaper  “JOURNAL RAFIKI”
  • Sensitizing children and youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Sensitizing children and youth in the fight against genocide ideology
  • Educating  children and youth on the culture of patriotism
  • Games  including scrabble, chess, monopoly, Rwandan culture (traditional and modern dance, drama, Rwandan history)
  • Promoting cooperation between the children and youth of Rwanda and those of foreign countries
  • Bringing together children and youth using various techniques like training, sports, entertainment and public debates aimed at giving them a constructive education

Sport and Leisure: This activity is the means by which the organization reaches the largest number of children and youth.  CR uses these activities to sensitize young people to various issues such as HIV/AIDS, the culture of patriotism, unity and reconciliation, etc. They are also tools to help the organization to arrange friendly gatherings and sharing amongst young people. Sport and leisure activities:

  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Table tennis
  4. Karate
  5. Kung fu
  6. Acrobatics
  7. Urban Dance School for teenagers
  8. Projection of films etc.


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