CLUB RAFIKI provides basic vocational training to help youth enter or advance in the job market.  Priority is given to training in literacy, languages (English, French, and Kiswahili), ICT, sports and, entrepreneurship.

English Training

Communication is crucial in our days, therefore having to learn English is very important. In CLUB RAFIKI, we started to teach English to Young and Youth in Program called “English Corner”.

The outcome of the students’ English corner is one of their book called “RISE OF HOPE”.

Training on  illiteracy People

Our country is fighting against illiteracy, CLUB RAFIKI took the initiative to train people who lacked literacy by training them on how to read and write.

Job Desk and Entrepreneurship

JOB DESK is One-Stop Career desk for jobseekers seeking to connect to temporary or permanent employment, internships, readiness to work facilities and other pre-employment services. Job desk provides job information opportunities, career guidance, and entrepreneurship training.


ICT Training

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competencies expected of all workers, regardless of workplace role, my organization would value a credential based on that standard as a way of validating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills for non-ICT workers. In the 21st century, an ability to work with information and communication technologies is becoming as essential to education, life, and workplace success as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), or digital literacy must be recognized as a basic form of education in modern society by our schools and must be taught to all students from an early age. This is meaning that digital literacy is very important to everyone, especially young people.

In Mageragere, from 17th to 20th June 2020, 10 teenagers, 5 girls, and 5 boys and Kanyinya, from 22nd to 24th June 2020, 20 teenagers, 10 girls, and 10 boys participated in digital literacy training.

CLUB RAFIKI provides:

  • Free WIFI in all parts of the Center
  • 16 Computers and Printers for helping everyone need to use computers and the internet
  • The availability of the Library to everyone needs to use its laptop.
  • Train youth how they can use their phone for accessing the technological services Digital Ambassadors program of DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust)
  • Encouraging the UDS and ECW team using Social media through the Computer lab
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