Thank you to you all for your wonderful support to Club Rafiki – we were very pleased our fundraising campaign made it is the target. You can read more about it here: https://www.justgiving.com/yimby/clubrafiki

or https://chuffed.org/project/empoweringrwandangirls#/supporters

The Club has written “ Thanks a lot to everyone who supports this initiative for helping Rwandan teenagers.  We cannot forget this gift for us.  God Bless You”.

The Club has published it is first progress report – see below for the update. has already started detailed planning to implement the project and will be posting progress reports on the progress report page.

More information about the project below:

We’re raising £5,000 to fund Rwanda’s only hip hop school because, using dance, they are fighting the spread of HIV.

Club Rafiki has Rwanda’s only hip hop dance school for youngsters. It also has an HIV prevention program. Combining these two activities is a powerful way to raise awareness of how to prevent HIV. Rwanda has an HIV prevalence rate of 3% and a Club dancer died of AIDS in 2013. Training dancers to raise awareness of HIV amongst their peers can reduce this happening. The dance school has 8 one hour classes per week for 120 girls and boys. An Australian NGO, the indigo foundation, funds these.

Rwanda is amongst the world’s least developed countries. It suffered unimaginably in the 1994 Genocide but is now making remarkable progress. Rwanda wants to ensure that all its people have the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling life. Reducing the scourge of HIV/AIDS can help this happen. Young people in Rwanda are in danger. We can help them by funding training opportunities and dance performances by Club Rafiki. Changing the sexual behavior of young people to prevent HIV is a priority goal.

£3,000 on training and initial program delivery
£2,000 on further delivery over the next year
The Club has a plan to
• Train 30 dancers on HIV prevention and for them to be educators/advocates for HIV prevention with their peers
• Organize meetings/debates/dance competitions/talent shows/other public performances where positive sexual health messages will be delivered by the dancers
• Work with local community leaders
The training will be provided by health professionals from the community.

The Club has already developed an overall strategy. Within 6 months of receiving funds, training will commence and the program will be implemented over the following 15 months. Changing sexual behaviors is a longer-term endeavor. The Club plans that when the initial campaign is over they will integrate this program into their ongoing activities and reinforce the positive health messages. It will evaluate the program to see what has been achieved and what has been learned for the future.

Our donation facility is live, via JUST GIVING here: http://www.justgiving.com/yimby/clubrafiki

or https://chuffed.org/project/empoweringrwandangirls#/supporters

Thank you!

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